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Friday, February 5th one of .:therapymusic’s founders Jared Daniels, a staple in the underground music scene has his first release on this label with the original tracks “The Sound” and “Hallow”. These tracks will be available wherever dance music is sold online (BeatPort, TraxSource, iTunes etc.) for your listening and mixing pleasure! If you already haven’t heard some of Jared’s funky, techy tracks you are in for quite the musical journey. Jared has come a long way in the industry and has an indescribable love and passion for music that gives him his own unique sound. His original track “Hallow” was the first track produced in his newly custom built recording studio known as “The Banana Factory” that he constructed himself from the ground up in his home. Hallow gives you that signature tech-house, driving, sexy, and unforgettable Jared D sound with its smooth perpetual build we all look forward too when pressing play on one of his tracks. “The Sound”, the second track on this release, was made as a reflection of time he had spent in New York City attending underground parties, essentially influencing this specific sound. Jared D describes this track to be “smoother and housier than what we are used to hearing from him” and Jared truly  takes his listener on a journey through sound with this release.

therapy music release 001

Who is Jared D you ask? Jared D has been in the underground music industry for over 15 years and began mixing in 1999. About six months after he started mixing he started playing at underground Club Ballaros in Norwich CT that he describes as “small, dark, and sketchy.” Although the sound system may have not been the best he was doing what he loved and that’s all that mattered. In 2003, Jared started playing around with a program called Techno Ejay, although this program didn’t allow him to create his own effects or sounds it set the foundation for him and gave him a better understanding of the arrangement and sequencing of the music he was playing. Exploring his musical palette through playing around with anything and everything he got his hands on Jared would eventually go on to discover his own sound. Jared credits his good friend Dan G on helping him out with the basics of Reason and Ableton.

The first track Jared ever produced is called “Playing With the Rabbit” and is still available today on Beatport. This track was created on Jared’s couch, on his laptop with a corona in his hand ready to start his creative process. Jared took the vocal sampling on the track off of a voicemail a girlfriend at the time had left him and four hours later he was finished with his first ever fully produced track. The creative process isn’t always this simple, it can take days , weeks, months and in some cases years for a track to be finished. When the time is right, moments like the one Jared had while creating this do happen with great success. Six months later, the track was released on Dirty Drumz Digitial which is now known as Peak Hour Music.

In the present day, Jared D spends the majority of his time proactively working on projects at .:therapymusic on a local and international basis, producing, and playing his tracks for party goers in the Providence and Boston area. Through different sounds and production methods, Jared is always moving forward in his creative process, and it shows in his tracks. It has taken Jared years to create his own style in the booth and in the studio leading him up to today. Through consistency, passion, and continuously learning more about his craft Jared strives to and has been successful at branding his own sound, specific to the music he produces. In the future you can look forward to live sets from Jared at his shows, giving party goers an organic, original sound being created right before their eyes….or should I say ears. Jared describes producing an original mix in the moment as “the most powerful form of self expression” and that statement right there shows how much love and energy he puts into everything he does. Be sure to check out our first .:therapymusic radio show with Jared D and the official .:therapymusic SoundCloud along with podcasts and much more from the team at .:therapy music.

“All that’s left is my love for the music and my drive to learn more and get better at what I do” -Jared Daniels

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Welcome to the official .:therapymusic blog!

Welcome to the official .:therapymusic blog! We have a lot in store at .:therapymusic for 2016 and this will be one of the main sources for news and information specific to music, topics, events, artists etc. On a local and national basis, we will be providing our readers with an in depth view of what we have going on along with keeping you informed about other aspects of the music world .Things you can look forward too are .:therapymusic track releases, highlights of local and national DJs/Producers, information on events amongst many other things. This will be a reliable source of information that will connect you to us on a whole other level. Come join us for our official launch party at our home base, Club .:therapy located in Providence, Rhode Island on Saturday, January 30th. We are more than pleased to say we have headliners and highly accredited DJs/Producers Mind Control (Peter Bailey & Richie Santana) & Steve Mulder along with a stacked lineup of New England talent setting you up for the ultimate .:therapymusic launch party! These two headliners have been extremely successful and have provided party goers with their sound all over the world while working with some of the biggest names in the industry. These artists have influenced other artists and people world wide which has lead them to exactly where they are today.

001 Therapy Music ProThe year was 2006, Peter Bailey and Richie Santana landed their residency at world renowned nightclub Pacha Ibiza NYC. Bringing a new, funky, sexy, sound this the duo makes it an objective to provide party goers with a one of a kind experience on the dance floor. As they go track for track building up off of each other creating an indescribable sound, the name “Mindcontrol” represents these two artists sound as a whole. Close friends since 1991, Peter and Richie have been great influences on each other over the years. It all started when Richie Santana released the white label version of Eurythmics, “Sweet Dreams” that skyrocketed his career into what it is today. He then went on to work with some of the biggest names in the industry and have multiple top ten records on the dance charts. With his long list of credentials and multiple top ten records on the dance charts , Richie Santana has made himself a staple in the dance community.

Peter Bailey started producing in 1998, amongst many tracks his track “Need” caught the eye of DJ/Producer, Steve Lawler who ended up signing Bailey to his label, Harlem Records. He went on to get signed to labels such as Stereo Productions and consistently has kept up with his work over the years. Together, these two artists always give a larger than life, one of a kind, driving sound making Mindcontrol exactly what their name says they are. Last time mind control came to Club .:therapy this past summer they had the room MOVING all night long! They never fail to provide party goers   with an indescribable sound, energy, and over all amazing experience. With DJ/Producer Steve Mulder in the mix, we are in for an amazing night this Saturday!

002 Therapy Music ProDJ/Producer Steve Mulder makes his debut at our home base, Club .:therapy this weekend. With his deep, techy, unique sound, Steve Mulder sets him self apart across the charts all over the world. Based out of Holland, Mulder has made an imprint on the electronic music scene, taking his career above and beyond. Along with working with some of the biggest DJs/Producers in the industry including Carl Cox, Nicole Moudaber and Marco Bailey, he has played at some of the biggest night clubs around the world including Space-Ibiza, Ministry of Sound-London, and Escape-Amsterdam just to name a few. He has 90 releases and counting, released on labels such as Toolroom, Cr2, and Umek amongst many other reputable labels.

In 2014, Steve Mulder launched Orange Recordings and within a couple of months the rapidly growing label blew up. He continued to work with artists such as Cristian Varela, Spartaque, and Peter Bailey and Richie Santana, the geniuses behind MindControl who will be playing with him at our launch party this Saturday. After the label dropped, fans started using the phrase “Orange is The New Black” when referring to how much of an impact this label and most importantly the music has had on their audience as a whole. Aside from that Steve Mulder hosts his own podcast called Technation that is aired globally on DI.FM and has done guest mixes on Carl Cox’ Global Radio podcast and Eddie Halliwells Fire It Up radio show. With his signature sound and long list of credentials I think it’s safe to say Orange will most definitely be new black this weekend at Club .:therapy.

We at .:therapymusic are very excited to not only launch our label this Saturday but to be able to work with such great talent on a local and national basis. This is the start of something that you can take advantage of to learn through our music, publications and events making you more appreciative and informed of who’s playing what, essentially connecting you to the scene as a whole. We ask you once again to please join us this Saturday, January 30th at our home base, Club .:therapy for our official launch party! We will open our doors at 10pm, alcohol with be served until 2am, and the party won’t stop until 7am or later! Along with our headliners we have a awesome supporting lineup and you can expect to hear some of our .:therapymusic tracks at this event. Come celebrate a new chapter and sound in the music scene and stay tuned for what’s to come!

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