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Who Needs Miami!

As the iconic Miami Winter Music Conference approaches thousands of music lovers from around the world are getting ready to travel to South Beach for a week of fun in the sun and endless parties 24 hours a day. As music lovers and party goers we all try to make it a point to experience this week at least once in our lives……but what do we do when we can’t make it and are all the way in New England? We go to the legendary “Who Needs Miami?!” party at Club .:therapy. This party is on it’s 11th year and every year Miami is brought to you through the whole Production from the music, to the décor, to the people, you really will leave this party fully satisfied asking yourself and others “Who needs Miami?!” With 14+ DJs and 8+ hours of nonstop music and dancing we at .:therapymusic felt it would be appropriate to get you pumped up for this party with the official Who Needs Miami release featuring tracks from .:therapy music founders Jeff LeClair, Jason Saints, and Jared Daniels as well as Dan Gerade and The Conspiracy Theory! This party has become a staple in the New England party scene and has a very big following and we are excited for this release because just like the party, we hope through our sound we can bring a little piece of Miami to you! Enjoy and we will see you on Saturday, March 19th at our home base Club .:therapy for this one of a kind party!

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.:therapy music release 001

Friday, February 5th one of .:therapymusic’s founders Jared Daniels, a staple in the underground music scene has his first release on this label with the original tracks “The Sound” and “Hallow”. These tracks will be available wherever dance music is sold online (BeatPort, TraxSource, iTunes etc.) for your listening and mixing pleasure! If you already haven’t heard some of Jared’s funky, techy tracks you are in for quite the musical journey. Jared has come a long way in the industry and has an indescribable love and passion for music that gives him his own unique sound. His original track “Hallow” was the first track produced in his newly custom built recording studio known as “The Banana Factory” that he constructed himself from the ground up in his home. Hallow gives you that signature tech-house, driving, sexy, and unforgettable Jared D sound with its smooth perpetual build we all look forward too when pressing play on one of his tracks. “The Sound”, the second track on this release, was made as a reflection of time he had spent in New York City attending underground parties, essentially influencing this specific sound. Jared D describes this track to be “smoother and housier than what we are used to hearing from him” and Jared truly  takes his listener on a journey through sound with this release.

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Welcome to the official .:therapymusic blog!

Welcome to the official .:therapymusic blog! We have a lot in store at .:therapymusic for 2016 and this will be one of the main sources for news and information specific to music, topics, events, artists etc. On a local and national basis, we will be providing our readers with an in depth view of what we have going on along with keeping you informed about other aspects of the music world .Things you can look forward too are .:therapymusic track releases, highlights of local and national DJs/Producers, information on events amongst many other things. This will be a reliable source of information that will connect you to us on a whole other level. Come join us for our official launch party at our home base, Club .:therapy located in Providence, Rhode Island on Saturday, January 30th. We are more than pleased to say we have headliners and highly accredited DJs/Producers Mind Control (Peter Bailey & Richie Santana) & Steve Mulder along with a stacked lineup of New England talent setting you up for the ultimate .:therapymusic launch party! These two headliners have been extremely successful and have provided party goers with their sound all over the world while working with some of the biggest names in the industry. These artists have influenced other artists and people world wide which has lead them to exactly where they are today.

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